School Update - "What's Next?"

March 20, 2020 - 4:00pm

Dear Prep Community....

Now, wasn’t that an interesting week?! We continue our planning and preparation for Monday, March 30, when we anticipate the kick off of our distance learning program. Thank you for your patience as we make this transition with you. As we close out the week we want to share some important information with you.

Locker Clean-out and Equipment Pick up

Thank you to everyone who was able to visit the school, clean out their locker and collect all of their supplies and equipment. For those that were unable to make it, we will box/bag locker contents and contact families when they are available to be picked up. This will occur early next week.

March 30 Student Preparation

If they haven’t already, our faculty will begin reaching out to students (and parents/guardians) so you become familiar with the technology and methods in which we plan to roll out our distance learning program.

Dress Code

The past couple of weeks have been surreal; and it is difficult to determine what the next few will be like. There have been many changes and challenges that students and families have experienced; and we all want to return to a sense of normalcy. It has been highly recommended, and we are strongly encouraging all students wear St. Croix Prep uniform shirts or Spirit wear during the school day, especially when they are interacting via video.
This may seem trivial, but we are recommending this for three reasons:

  1. This reinforces to our students, both physically and mentally, that we are holding school classes; and that our school days are not any less important because they are being done in a virtual environment.

  2. Wearing a school uniform/spirit wear reinforces that we are a school community, all of us, working and learning side by side in this new adventure.

  3. Finally, we realize many families are now together in their homes for long periods of time, attempting to work remotely at their jobs, operate a household, and monitor their child(ren) in a virtual school environment. We are trying to assist your household by establishing a routine and mindset that not only protects the school environment but also protects the many other activities/schedules in your household.

Upper School Service Hours for Graduation

This is being included in this update because it relates to how we want to support the changing family situation to which we just alluded. Service hours are still required for graduation. However, we are suggesting these service hours be used to support your family in creative ways – washing laundry, reading to/caring for/tutoring a sibling, grocery shopping for your family or an elderly person in the neighborhood, etc. Think of this as a way to support your changing family situation, teach a graduating senior a life skill, and create time/space that allow you to manage your home. The Upper School will communicate more information soon.

Expectations During the First Three Weeks of Distance Learning

Given all of the above, we are trying to be very intentional in the rollout of our distance learning program. We do not know how long it will last, but we have established some specific philosophical objectives for the first three weeks. They are:
  • Week 1 – Introduction, which we want to be a gradual and easy transition that will not burden your family.

  • Week 2 – Refinement, which will be making adjustments from the continuous feedback from Week 1 so that work by the end of the week reflects Prep academics.

  • Week 3 – Normal, which hopefully means we have established a normal school day which fits into the schedule of your household.

If there is anything we can do for you during this transition, do not hesitate to ask. Thanks for being a part of St. Croix Prep.