COVID-19 Trends, Vaccination Availability For 5-11 Year Olds, & Previous Board Action

November 19, 2021

K-8 Mask Mandate Transition

January 25, 2022

On September 4, the St. Croix Prep Board approved a K-8 mask mandated policy. Per a Board approved motion, this K-8 mask mandate would change from “required” to “strongly recommended” 60 days after the availability of a vaccine for children under the age of twelve. This vaccine became available in early November, and thus a date of January 25 has been marked as the tentative day when the policy transition would occur.

Recent In-BUilding COVID Activity

Over the past 10 days we have seen a recent spike in COVID-19 cases. Two weeks ago we had 3 cases and last week we had 14 cases. Additionally, the latest federal data is showing that Minnesota’s rate of new infections is currently the highest in the nation. While most cases within the school appear to be the result of spread within the community and among family members, we are starting to see cases that can be traced directly to in-school spread.

Our Priority

Our priority is to keep all of our kids in school and learning, but we cannot do that without your support. Please consider vaccination for your child(ren), masking (in Upper School), and other mitigation strategies which reduce our risk. Note: Close contacts who are “unvaccinated and unmasked” are subject to quarantine periods (e.g. 7, 10, or 14 days).

Board Actions

On Tuesday, due to the recent spike – and in an effort to strongly encourage vaccinations with our students in K-8 – the Board took the following initiatives:

All of the items mentioned are to ensure student and faculty safety, continuous evaluation of our school situation, and the ability to make changes when it is necessary.

Thank You

Of most importance – thank you for your continued great work with students and your dedication to the learning environment. This year is SO much better than last – although, at times, our energy may be low, students are in school, they are participating in activities, and their schedules are somewhat normal. And, all of this, thanks to you!