St. Croix Preparatory Academy

Distance Learning Day 1

Dear Prep Community

Today was Day 1 of our distance learning adventure and it was normal in many ways with over 98% of our students in attendance interacting with faculty, educational assistants, and curriculum content. Many were eager to have a routine, some have already turned in homework, and students/faculty are figuring out the nuances of making this environment more efficient.

At the end of each day we are gathering information from our teams so we can internally share what is working well and offer each other suggestions for our improvement. This is only the first day so we know there are many things that may require adjustment (e.g. attendance, preventing zoombombers – which we have already addressed, ensuring our directions/attachments/links are clear, establishing daily schedules to assist with work management, etc.).

Thanks for your patience as this is new to all of us. When we said “Prep for Life”, we never thought it would mean this.

Thanks for being a part of St. Croix Prep! We can’t do it without you.