Safety Procedures


Hand Sanitizer Stations

Approximately 100 sanitizing stations have been installed outside of the classrooms.

Increased Air Flow

Outside air has been increased to allow for more air changes.

Disinfectant Wipes

Each room will have a container of disinfectant wipes.  Disinfectant has a two minute kill time for the virus

HVAC Runtime

HVAC systems will run two hours prior to personnel arrival in the morning and two hours after cleaning crews have departed in the evening.  Outside air flow has been increased and ionization capabilities are being installed. 

HVAC Filters

In addition, HVAC filters will be checked and replaced on a regular basis.

Increased Cleaning

Increased cleaning and disinfecting will occur in high touch areas and between classes.

Building Water

Water fountains have been disabled; all water bottle filling stations will remain operational.

Distancing Markers

Physical distancing markers have been placed division offices, atrium, hallways, locker rooms, bathrooms, eating areas, bus pick-up/drop off areas, and parent pick-up/drop off areas.

Plexiglass Barriers

Plexiglass barriers have been installed for office managers and personnel with community/student interaction.

Classroom Space

Systematically review and evaluate transportation capacity (with Stillwater Area Public Schools Transportation Department) with the goal of creating as much space between riders as possible, recognizing that it is not always feasible to have 6 feet of social distancing

Crowd Management

Have staff monitor arrival and dismissal to curtail congregating and ensure students go straight from their vehicle to their classroom, and vice versa.

Limited Access

Limit nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups and organizations.


Implement contactless pick up and/or delivery of school curriculum, supplies, and equipment.

No Visitor Policy

Croix Prep will have a “No Visitor Policy”. All meetings must be scheduled in advance; and those meetings must follow the Face Covering policy and physical distancing guidelines.


  • Bus capacity will be at 50%, as defined by MDE/MDH
  • Students, drivers and bus aides are required to wear face coverings/masks
  • Students will be one to a seat and those from the same household may sit together
  • Seats will be assigned
  • Bus pick-up areas at each school will be marked for physical distancing
  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)-driven accommodations will be reviewed with a commitment to finding solutions for all families of children with special needs
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will take place following each route with special attention to high touch areas
  • Bus and parent drop-off and pick-up zones and loading/unloading times may need to be modified. Specific instruction will come from your child’s school

Food Service

In-Person Learning

  • Breakfast and lunch available to students on-site daily
  • Meal locations may be adjusted
  • Staggered scheduling
  • Physical Distancing markers and signage will be used in cafeteria spaces.
  • Students will sanitize or wash hands before and after meal service.

Hybrid Learning

  • In-person components will be implemented when students are on-site.
  • Meals will be available for purchase for students on days they are not at school.
Distance Learning Icon

Distance Learning

  • Pre-packaged meals will be available for pick-up for participating families


If you are not feeling well, have been told you are a close contact of a positive COVID case, are awaiting a COVID test result, or have tested positive for COVID please stay home.  Families, students and staff are expected to self-screen at home before coming to school.  Anyone displaying the following symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home:

More common: fever greater than or equal to 100.4, new onset and/or worsening cough, difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell
Less common: sore throat, nausea, chills, vomiting, muscle pain, diarrhea, excessive fatigue, new onset of severe headache, new onset of nasal congestion or runny nose
*Per MDH guidelines when county case rate data is greater than 10 individuals with even only one less common symptom need to stay home. Both the student with symptoms and siblings need to stay home, how long depends on whether the symptomatic student is evaluated or not and the results of the evaluation.
Please notify the school nurse at 

Face Coverings

  • In accordance with state law and public health guidance, the policy of St. Croix Preparatory Academy is that all students, staff, and other people present in schools, district offices, all buildings leased or owned by the School District, or riding on school transportation vehicles, are required to wear a face covering. 
  • Temporary removal of face coverings is permissible as long as 6 feet of distance is maintained.
  • One cloth face covering will be provided to each student and each staff member.  To the extent practicable, St. Croix Preparatory Academy will have a backup supply of disposable face coverings for students or staff members who forget to bring them.
  • If a student refuses to wear the mask supplied, staff will remind the student of the face covering policy and contact the student’s parents.  The student will not be allowed to attend in-person school if he/she is not exempt from the face covering requirement.  The School may impose disciplinary action.