Updates for Friday, August 21

St. Croix Prep is Hiring!

St. Croix Prep is hiring Lower School classroom Educational Assistants and also Student Support Educational Assistants. Click here to apply.

Student Fees for 2020-2021 School Year

Technology & Background Check Fees:

The Technology & Background Check fees totaling $25 per student have been approved for the 2020-2021 school year. This is listed as ’20/21 Class Fee’ when paying on SchoolPay. (These are fees which are not specifically permitted or prohibited by MN Statute; the fees were presented at a public hearing and adopted by the SCPA Board on June 23, 2020.) Fees for families with more than 4 students will be capped at $100 per family.

20/21 Middle & Upper School Community Consumables:

This $30 per student contribution will allow us to purchase supplies when needed, in bulk at better prices, and to safely store and manage supplies. Items to be purchased will include, but not be limited to: pencils, pens, Expo markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, note cards, Kleenex, paper towels, sanitizer, and etc. Go to ‘Consumable Donations’ and then ’20/21 School Community Supply Contributions’.

Workbook and Consumables Donation:

Contribution for student consumable workbooks, planners, Scholastic magazines and art room supplies listed by grade level on SchoolPay. Go to Consumable Donations’ and then ’20/21 Workbooks and Consumable Supplies’. 

Reminders – Registration for Childcare, Chromebooks, YCare, and Meals

Yesterday’s communication had details related to childcare registration for Tier 1 essential workers, YCare registration, Chromebook request form, and pre-registration meal request form for distance learning days. Please complete these as it will assist us in our preparation for August 31. Thank you!

School Board Meeting

Tuesday, August 25 at 6:00 pm in the PAC

St. Croix Prep will hold its next board meeting on Tuesday, August 25 at 6:00 pm in the PAC.

Student Parking Permits

Parking permits have not be issued yet so until then students are allowed to park in the back parking lot. Watch for more communication to come for when students will be required to apply for an application and pay for a permit.

Seniors - Register Now for the Fall ACT Exam!

The ACT college entrance exam will be offered at SCPA to seniors on Tuesday, October 6. Interested seniors should sign up for the exam on SchoolPayby September 30. Exam details to follow.  

School Supply Lists

School supply lists by grade (KA-8) have been posted on the website. Click here to view.

Lower, Middle and Upper School Yearbooks

Ready for Pick Up During Main Office Hours

Lower school and middle school yearbooks are available for pick up anytime Monday through Thursday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. In an effort to minimize the number of people coming to school, please have one member of your household pick up. If you forgot to buy a yearbook, you can still purchase one on SchoolPay and pick up at school.

Educational Benefits Application

Available on July 1, 2020

The application for education benefits for 2020-2021 will be available on July 1, 2020. To apply for free or reduced school lunches, click here for an application and information.
Note: Families MUST fill out a new application for benefits at the beginning of each school year; however, prior year benefit status will roll forward through early October.

GOAL: Limiting the Potential for Spreading COVID-19

Self screening at home is the first line of defense in limiting the spread of COVID-19. Parents/guardians sending students to school are attesting that their student is not experiencing COVID symptoms, has not had a positive COVID test, has not been informed of being a close contact to a positive COVID case and is not waiting for COVID test results.

All staff, students and families should “Self Monitor” every day before they leave home. The monitoring includes checking in with yourself, “How do you feel today?”. If you are not feeling well or your child is not acting like themselves and you have no explanation for it then please stay home and monitor symptoms for the day. If you feel better and any mild symptoms completely resolve returning to school the next day is fine. Check with your healthcare provider if experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 prior to returning to school.

Self monitoring also includes looking at the COVID-19 symptoms list and answering ‘no’ to the symptoms. The CDC has a Student Checklist that can be found at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/downloads/community/schools-childcare/Daily-Home-Screening-for-Students-Checklist-ACTIVE-rev5A.pdf

Our electronic records provider is working on an electronic screening that we may use in the future. MDH is also creating a symptom checklist just for schools. We will share those once they are available.

Out of an abundance of caution, and wanting to limit the risk of having to quarantine, we ask that you stay home if not feeling well, whether COVID related or not. 

If you have questions please contact the licensed school nurse, Candace Westlund or your own healthcare provider may also be of assistance.

Attendance Policy for Fall St. Croix Prep Home Events

For the coming fall season, SCPA has established the following policies regarding all events hosted by SCPA
If you are not feeling well, are waiting for a COVID test results, have been told you are a close contact of a positive case or have positive test result, please stay home.
If you are not feeling well, are waiting for a COVID test result, have been told you are a close contact of a positive case or have a positive test result, please stay home.
  1. No gate will be charged for home events at Lions Stadium
  2. Masks are required to be worn appropriately by individuals attending events hosted by SCPA including events held off campus (Barkers Alps Park & Stillwater Jr. High)
  3. All spectators will practice social distancing while attending events hosted by SCPA.
  4. There are no bleachers available at Lions Stadium this fall. Please bring your own chairs.
  5. No spectators will be permitted on the field at Lions Stadium at any time during an event hosted by SCPA.
  6. The maximum attendance for any event held at Lions Stadium will be 250 people.
  7. No concessions will be available during events at Lions Stadium this fall.
SCPA staff will be present during home events and will be enforcing the above policies during all events.
As an Activities Department we sincerely appreciate your support and compliance with these policies during this coming fall season. We are looking forward to a successful season and rewarding fall.
If you have questions related to these policies, please feel free to contact Rich Dippel.