Even More Updates for Friday, August 28

St. Croix Prep Community,

Monday is the day! We are excited to get the new school year underway! As we begin this adventurous journey, allow me to assist all of us by setting expectations for the first two to three weeks of the school year.

Distance Learning Icon

August 31 to September 4

Distance Learning Week

During this first week we will all become more familiar with the distance learning model, which will be a part of this entire school year (e.g. for those families that have selected it; and due to the rotation of the Blue/Gold/Distance days within the hybrid model). Faculty and students will all learn together as they begin to understand how they will interact through technology this year. We will adjust accordingly for those families still waiting for Chromebook deliveries. In addition, this will not be a normal school week as each division has non typical items included in their schedules (e.g. testing, orientations, distance learners getting their school photo taken and picking up their textbooks/supplies, etc.). Be patient, relax, and adjust to the transition of getting your home ready to host learning.

September 8 to September 12

First Week of Hybrid Model

This will be a most difficult week for a variety of reasons. This is the first day of our hybrid learning schedule, with approximately half the students in school and half learning from home. We have established schedules for what the ideal hybrid learning day will look like but this will be complicated by two significant factors:

  • Bus Transportation
    Our class schedule begins at 9:30 in the morning. Generally, at the start of a normal school year, bus transportation smooths out over the first few days of school. This year, we do not know if our 9:30 start time will be impacted by new bus cleaning routines, assigned seating, and other protocols being implemented during this pandemic. This means that those students at home may need to wait on those who are delayed on buses.

  • COVID-19 and Impact on School Procedures
    The student schedules are different from normal years because they have to be adjusted for the new procedures related to physical distancing, hand washing, lunch, school building hours, passing time, etc. Honestly, we don’t know how the schedule will work; so this week will be very chaotic, and it could be highly frustrating as students from home adjust to in school delays – but each day will get better as we learn and improve!

September 14 to September 18

Second Week of Hybrid Model

After all of the chaos of the previous week, we anticipate this being a week of transitioning to a state of normalcy within the hybrid learning model.
As we proceed through these first couple of weeks, we will also figure out ways to put parent/student/distance learning support mechanisms in place. We intend to make this a great learning year!

Reminders – Registration for Childcare, Chromebooks, YCare, and Meals

Please register for YCare, Chromebook needs, and pre-registration meal requests for distance learning days. Please complete these as it will assist us in our preparation for August 31. Thank you!