St. Croix Prep’s Plans for School Opening

We have been busy following up on the details underlying the Governor’s Executive Order from last week. We are continuing to get information from MDH and MDE, but the status as of now is noted below:

Board Committee Meeting

The St. Croix Prep Board Committee, directed to investigate ways to bring students back into the building, met on December 17. They discussed what was known about the Governor’s Executive Order; and will recommend a plan to the Board (at the January 7 meeting) that aligns with this order. This plan will address our Lower School (K-4). 

Details of the Lower School In-Person Learning

and specifics of the Executive Order

  • County Case Rate Data:
     is no longer a determining factor for in-person learning for our Lower School.

  • Rollout:
    will be gradual with K-2 students returning first, then students in grades 3-4 returning two weeks later.

  • Planning Days:
    The Lower School will utilize at least two learning model transition planning days, as mandated by the order.

  • Specialists:
    will conduct their classes in the classroom. Phy Ed may be conducted indoors and outside of the classroom, but students must wear face coverings at all times.

  • Physical Distancing:
    between students in the classroom has been changed from six feet to at least three feet. The recommended physical distance between teachers and students remains at six feet. We will consider the use of clear barriers in the classrooms where teacher/students physical distancing may be six feet or less.

  • Lunch:
    may be served in the classroom or spaces where six feet of physical distancing can be maintained, as well as keeping student cohorts in place.

  • Face Mask and Shield:
    Employees must wear a face mask and shield.

Middle School and Upper School Students Return

As previously communicated, Middle and Upper School students are still subject to the criteria noted in the MN Safe Learning Plan (e.g. county case rate data being a determining factor). Currently, bringing our Middle and Upper School students back into the building will require a case rate data of below 30. For details of the MN Safe Learning Plan and the St. Croix Prep board approved transition plans:

Optional Covid-19 Testing for School Employees

Every two weeks, we will be offering optional Covid-19 testing for our employees. We are currently waiting on MDH/MDE to confirm the time/date when we may begin offering this to our employees.

Revised Covid-19 Quarantine/Isolation Guidelines

MDH has adopted the revised quarantine/isolation guidelines of the CDC. Based on the situation, families may choose shorter quarantines, but the family will be responsible for documentation to support a shorter period. We will publish this document/process when distance learning resumes on January 4. Updated guidelines will be applied to staff quarantines as well.

Miscellaneous Items

The Governor’s announcement has impacted our previously identified steps related to school opening in the following ways:

  • On-Site Testing Event: 
    These events are currently cancelled.

  • Parent Survey:
    Per the Governor’s recent announcement, we have identified ways to bring K-4 students back into the building. When we return to classes on January 4, we will send a simple survey to parents/guardians asking whether they plan to send their K-4 students back to the classroom when that becomes available. With county case rate data declining, we will wait until the week of January 4 to see what survey questions are most appropriate for our 5-12 community.

  • Regional Support Team (RST):
    We have been attempting to schedule a meeting with our RST for the past few weeks. Recently, the RSTs have been realigned (e.g. personnel, meeting scheduling process, etc.); therefore, are not confirming outstanding meeting requests at this time. Upon our return to school, we will resubmit a request to meet with them. Regarding accelerating Middle and Upper school students back into the building, all learning model transitions to a less restrictive model must be accompanied by consultation from the Regional Support Team. 

Busing Changes for Second Semester

Second Semester Busing Change Request DUE Wednesday, January 6 to assist ISD 834, who provides SCPA transportation, in planning for various learning model transportation route scenarios:
If you would like your student who is not currently registered for transportation services to receive transportation services on the first day of second semester, complete the Mid-year Busing Request Form by Wednesday, January 6. Click here for the busing form.
PLEASE NOTE: Completion of this form is for planning transportation routes only and does not guarantee which Learning Model the school will be operating in at the start of second semester. Transportation will only be provided for a grade level when that grade level is operating in the In-person or Hybrid Learning Model.
Please contact Kelly Gutierrez if you have questions regarding this request.

Thank You!!

2020 is coming to a close and we are looking forward to a new year which is characterized by schedules, activities, and life that are more normal. We want to thank you for your sacrifice, your commitment to the education of your child(ren), and your support of our school community. We know and understand that each home has their unique challenges – and over the past nine months you have sacrificed in ways that we can only imagine. We are grateful for you. Over this break, take time to rest, relax and celebrate. We look forward to seeing you in 2021!