Updates for Monday, August 24

Employees Returned to School Today

All the employees returned to school today to begin their official preparation for the start of the school year. The unofficial preparation began a long time ago! We are excited to kick off a great year of learning!

Distance Learning Icon

Distance Learning, Then Hybrid Model

This is just a reminder that from August 31 – September 4, St. Croix Prep will be operating in a distance learning model; on September 8, we will begin our first day under the hybrid learning model.

Bus Transportation Information

Per Stillwater Transportation Department, the bus routes will be sent out late this week. Bus transportation begins on September 8. Thanks for your attention to this.

Physical Distancing and Definition of a “Close Contact”

Earlier in the summer, the Minnesota Department of Health noted that six feet of physical distancing is not always feasible in the primary instructional area. We will attempt to maintain the six feet measurement in the classrooms, but it may not always be possible. In addition, a close contact is defined as being within the six feet physical distancing recommendation for 15 minutes. Therefore during school entry/departure, passing time, and lunch schedules, there will be times when the distance between students infringes on six feet, but the time duration will be much less than 15 minutes, therefore not qualifying as a “close contact”.

Reminders – Registration for Childcare, Chromebooks, YCare, and Meals

Please register for YCare, Chromebook needs, and pre-registration meal requests for distance learning days. Please complete these as it will assist us in our preparation for August 31. Thank you!