Updates for January 4, 2021

Welcome Back to a New Year!
We hope everyone had a peaceful and relaxing break. As we begin our new year, we want to keep you apprised of the recent Executive Order, the work of our board, and the upcoming board meeting on January 7.  

Board Committee Meeting

The Board Committee on School Reopening, designated to plan for transitioning students back to school, will make the following recommendation:

  • Grades K-2
    Bring K-2 students back into the building (in-person) beginning Monday, January 25. The rationale for this is as follows:

      • The Governor’s Executive Order allows for elementary students to return to in-person learning as early as Monday, January 18. 
      • St. Croix Prep does not have class on January 18-19, as this is quarter end grading/closing.
      • The school must use at least two transition planning days prior to starting in-person learning. The committee will recommend three transition planning days, which the K-4 team will use to plan for the return to the classroom.

  • Grades 3-4
    Bring Grade 3-4 students back into the building (in-person) beginning Monday, February 8. The rationale for this is as follows:

      • Per guidance, the introduction back into the classroom must be gradual and can occur in up to 3-grade bands. 
      • Grade 5 is included as a part of our Middle School, and due to class schedule (e.g. class movement, teacher scheduling, etc.), grade 5 will transition in accordance with the rest of the Middle School.

Additional Details of the In-Person Learning for Lower School

and specifics of the Executive Order

  • Specialists
    will conduct their classes in the classroom. Phy Ed may be conducted indoors and outside of the classroom, but students must wear face coverings at all times.
  • Physical Distancing
    between students in the classroom has been changed from six feet to at least three feet. The recommended physical distance between teachers and students remains at six feet. We will consider the use of clear barriers in the classrooms where teacher/students physical distancing may be six feet or less.
  • Lunch
    may be served in the classroom or spaces where six feet of physical distancing can be maintained, as well as keeping student cohorts in place.
  • Employee Face Makes
    employees must wear a face mask and shield.

MSHSL Practices Resume Today

Per guidance from the MSHSL, Boys/Girls Basketball and Alpine Skiing are resuming practice today, with competitions beginning as soon as January 14. Look for more details.

Middle School and Upper School Students Return

As of today, Middle and Upper School students are still subject to the criteria noted in the MN Safe Learning Plan (e.g. county case rate data being a determining factor). Currently, bringing our Middle and Upper School students back into the building will require a case rate data of below 30. The last week’s Washington County case rate data was 68.37 (Dec 31), declining from 101.97 (Dec 24) and 118.59 (Dec 17).

For details of the MN Safe Learning Plan and the St. Croix Prep board approved transition plans:

Optional Covid-19 Testing for School Employees

Every two weeks, we will be offering optional Covid-19 testing for our employees. We are currently waiting on MDH/MDE to confirm the time/date when we may begin offering this to our employees.

Revised Covid-19 Quarantine/Isolation Guidelines

MDH has adopted the revised quarantine guidelines of the CDC, but maintains that the 14 day quarantine is still the safest option. In some situations families may consider a shorter quarantine but the family will be responsible to complete the Shortened Quarantine Request form and submit it along with any required documentation to the Health Office PRIOR to actually returning to school. The Health Office will notify families of approval for shortened quarantine once the form and any documentation have been reviewed. Updated guidelines will be applied to staff quarantines as well.