Updates for Friday, October 29


Every Thursday, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) releases updated Covid-19 county case rate data that corresponds to guidelines in Minnesota’s Safe Learning Plan. Last Thursday, Washington County’s case rate data was reported at 32.61 cases per 10,000. Today, the case rate data for Washington County is 43.98. The historical case rate data is noted below:

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Learning Model Change Guidance

Yesterday, we received clarifying guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) related to learning model changes. This includes additional direction for districts to evaluate specific, localized data to better understand how community rates of COVID-19 cases impact the local schools. 

Per Washington County health officials there are three spikes in Washington County case count, due to positive cases within local correctional facilities:

  • October 12 – approximately 80 cases
  • October 18 – approximately 90 cases
  • October 24 – approximately 300 cases
It appears that some of these October 12 cases may have been included in last week’s 32.61 case count. It appears that all of the October 12 and most of the October 18 above noted cases have been included in today’s count.
In accordance with the MN Safe Learning Plan, the basic approach to learning model transition is to evaluate the county data and compare it to the school data by asking “Does our school reflect the county?” Today, we hope to receive more clarifying information regarding the correctional facilities’ impact on the case rate data.
In an effort to develop learning model transition plans and and make corresponding decisions, please note the following Prep Board Schedule:

  • November 5
    This meeting is the rescheduled October 29 meeting; this meeting will be used to discuss the Covid-19 case rate data (this meeting will occur on Thursday, so the morning county case rate data can be included as a part of the discussion), feedback from the Regional Support team, and plans of neighboring school districts.

  • November 10
    This meeting will be used to monitor the county case rate data trends, actions of other districts, discuss important St. Croix Prep school data, and potential decisions related to learning model transition.

  • November 17
    This meeting is a regularly scheduled board meeting which, along with relevant Covid-19 discussions/potential decisions, will include normal board agenda items.
We continue to closely monitor the above trends (state, county, and school) on a daily basis. This note is meant to inform you of the upcoming meetings, discussions, and potential learning model decisions.
Thanks for your flexibility patience, and continued support of the St. Croix Prep community!