Updates for Tuesday, August 25

Hybrid Model/Distance Model Registration Closed

As we continue to plan for our first days of school, we want to thank you for working with our teams to indicate your preferred learning model and finalize schedules. We realize there are still items in flux, but we will continue to work toward their completion. To continue our progress, the learning model “registration” period is complete. Just a reminder, families can move from the hybrid learning model to distance learning at any time. However, migration from distance learning to the hybrid model may only occur at mid-quarter and quarter end. 

Distance Learning Icon

First Week of Distance Learning Starting Monday, August 31

As we have previously communicated, school begins Monday, August 31 and will operate in a distance learning model for everyone for the first week of school. The hybrid learning model will begin on Tuesday, September 8.

Building Hours

We have resumed normal school building hours.
  • Main Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.
  • Building closes at 4:30 pm except for scheduled activities including: YCare, athletics, activities or scheduled meetings.

Student Arrival

  • YCare Drop Off – enter through Door 2 (Cafeteria Entrance) from 7:00-9:15 am.
  • Upper School Students with Zero Hour – enter through Door 19 (South Entrance) between 8:00-8:30 am.
  • Bus Students – students will enter through Door 5 (Back Cafeteria Door Entrance) between 9:15-9:45 am.
  • Parent Drop Off Students – doors will be unlocked at 9:15 am each morning. Students will not be allowed into the building until this time.
  • Lower School Students – enter through Door 19 (near Lower School Office)
  • Middle School Students – enter through Door 1 (Main Entrance)
  • Upper School Students – enter through Door 20 (South Stairwell Entrance)
  • Visitors – we will have a strict no volunteer/visitor policy during school hours including no drop off of student items (ie. homework, instruments, lunch, etc).
  • If you have a scheduled meeting with a Prep staff member, please abide by the mandatory mask and physical distancing policy.

No Volunteer/Visitor Policy

Visitors – we will have a strict no volunteer/visitor policy during school hours including no drop off of student items (ie. homework, instruments, lunch, etc).

School Picture

Textbook/Workbook Pick Up and School Photo Dates

  • Distance Learners will pick up books/supplies and wear their school uniform to take their school photo in the Auxiliary Gym next week on either Tuesday, September 1 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm or Wednesday, September 2 from 10:00 to 2:00 pm. Distance learner students need to be wearing their school uniform to get their school photo taken.
  • Hybrid Students will receive their books/supplies on the first day of their in-person hybrid day, Tuesday, September 8 (blue cohort) or Wednesday, September 9 (gold cohort). Photo Day for hybrid students will be either Tuesday, September 15 (blue cohort) orWednesday, September 16 (gold cohort).
  • Students should bring Chromebooks/Laptops & Accessories (earbuds, mouse etc) on in-person hybrid learning days.

Watch for Additional Grade Level Back to School Information

This will be communicated to families by division principals and teachers.

Reminders – Registration for Childcare, Chromebooks, YCare, and Meals

Please register for YCare, Chromebook needs, and pre-registration meal requests for distance learning days. Please complete these as it will assist us in our preparation for August 31. Thank you!