Updates on Possible Learning Model Changes


We continue to closely monitor the above trends (state, county, and school) on a daily basis. This note is meant to inform you of the upcoming meetings, discussions, and possible learning model decisions.

Thanks for your flexibility patience, and continued support of the St. Croix Prep community!

Current COVID-19 Case Data

Every Thursday, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) releases updated Covid-19 county case rate data that corresponds to guidelines in Minnesota’s Safe Learning Plan. Last Thursday, Washington County’s case rate data was reported at 32.65 cases per 10,000.

We have been advised by our Regional Support Team (comprised of a coordinator and personnel from MDH and MDE) that once case rate data reaches 30, St. Croix Prep needs to have a plan to transition the Middle School and Upper School to distance learning. As county case rate data is only one factor, we are currently working with the Regional Support Team to determine other important criteria for a learning model transition. 

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Next Steps....

In an effort to develop this plan and make learning model decisions should it become necessary, please note the following:

Communication with MDE and MDH

We continue to have weekly conference calls with MDH and MDE on relevant Covid-19 information.

Communication with neighboring school districts

MSHSL eligibility form/health questionnaire must be completed. This form must be completed once per school year. Complete form online through SchoolPay.

St. Croix Prep Board Schedule

The following board meeting schedule has been established to develop and monitor learning model transition plans:

The board meeting scheduled for October 29, has been rescheduled to Thursday, November 5 at 7:00 pm in the PAC. On the afternoon of Wednesday October 28th, we received communication from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) attempting to clarify criteria for learning model transitioning. They have provided additional direction on how to evaluate very specific, localized data to better understand how community Covid-19 cases impact our schools. In the next few days we will continue to work with public health officials from the state and county to understand, for example, how recent the recent outbreak in our local correctional facilities affect our school decision making. We are committed to keeping our students and faculty safely learning in the hybrid model as we continue to monitor this Covid-19 environment. Our meeting on November 5 will allow us to continue our planning based on case rate data, feedback from our Regional Support team, and communication with neighboring districts. We will livestream this meeting for your convenience. Thank you for your patience and flexibility.

This session will be used to monitor the county case rate data trends, actions of other districts, discuss important St. Croix Prep school data, and potential decisions related to a learning model transition.

This meeting is a regularly scheduled board meeting which, along with relevant Covid-19 discussions and potential decisions, will include normal board agenda items.