Updates for Wednesday, August 26

St. Croix Prep Community,

The first day of school is right around the corner! Here is the latest update:

Building Hours Communication Yesterday

There are many details that are being communicated during this time, so we want to emphasize this so it doesn’t’ escape your notice. Aside from zero hour students and those in activities, the school building will not be open until 9:15 am. In addition, the building will close at 4:30 pm. We realize this may be inconvenient, and it certainly is counter to the “open” school building we have cultivated and desired over the years. This change is a mitigation strategy to protect and keep everyone as safe as possible. Thanks for your attention to this.

Board Approves Face Covering Policy

Last evening, the St. Croix Prep board approved the Face Covering policy for the upcoming school year. It reflects the recent executive order and reinforces its association with the St. Croix Prep dress code (e.g. not disruptive to the learning environment).

Updated 20/21 Blue/Gold School Calendar

As we move to the hybrid learning schedule, we have modified the school calendar to reflect the Blue/Blue/Gold/Gold/Distance learning days. 

St. Croix Prep Board Meeting Schedule

The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 15. The board added another meeting on Tuesday, October 6. The intent is have more frequent meetings to monitor the Covid-19 situation, the school’s learning model rollout, and any decisions associated with it.

No Volunteer/Visitor Policy

Visitors – we will have a strict no volunteer/visitor policy during school hours including no drop off of student items (ie. homework, instruments, lunch, etc).

COVID-19 Expenses

"How is St. Croix Prep Paying for This?"

We have purchased Chromebooks, synchronous learning technology for each classroom, hand sanitizing stations, hired additional cleaning staff, etc. The obvious question is, “how is the school paying for this?” A summary of last night’s board meeting discussion follows:
  • We have spent $364,000 on Covid-19 related items.
  • We will receive $347,000 from government revenue sources (e.g. Covid Relief Fund).
  • The school has requested and the board has approved an additional $172,000 in anticipated expenditures to complete the school preparation which will occur over the next few weeks.
  • The School is required to maintain a 20% fund balance per its authorizer agreement (Friends of Education) and to be in good standing with its bondholders. Prior to Covid-19 expenses, the School was projected to maintain a fund balance of 28.5%. With the Covid expenditures, the estimated end of fiscal year fund balance will be approximately 26.2%. – This just means we are financially stable and very healthy!

Reminders – Registration for Childcare, Chromebooks, YCare, and Meals

Please register for YCare, Chromebook needs, and pre-registration meal requests for distance learning days. Please complete these as it will assist us in our preparation for August 31. Thank you!