We don’t just prepare students for a job or college.
We prepare young people for life.

Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Updates for January 22, 2021

Prep 5th Grade Traveling Basketball Team Wins Tournament

The 5th Grade Prep Traveling Basketball team took 1st Place at the MYAS Winter Shootout Tournament this past weekend at St. Michael/Albertville High School. Congratulations!

Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 26

The board meeting on January 26 will be conducted via Zoom. During the November 17 board meeting, the board decided to implement allowable electronic board meeting procedures due to the pandemic (MN Statute, Section 13D.021). Normally, once we have in school learning, we hold board meetings in person. For this meeting, due to public interest and safety issues, this meeting will be conducted via Zoom.  The board packet information will be posted on the website when available.


We will be conducting an Open Forum. If you choose to speak, please register with Susan Peterson by 2:00 pm on Monday. 


We Need You! We Are Hiring NOW!

St. Croix Prep is Hiring NOW!

We are in need of SPED paras! We need these positions filled to support students as they transition back to school in-person. Please consider applying for one of these positions or refer a friend.

School Lunch Updates

Remember, all students eat free (does not include a la carte) lunch through the end of the school year!

Meal Pick Up Registration for February 1-15 NOW OPEN:

Distance Learning Students only

Because the Learning Models are subject to change in the coming weeks, meal pick-up registration will be done in two week increments verses one month or more, as has been done to-date this school year. Please only register your students who will be in the DISTANCE learning model for the given week. Students in the IN-PERSON learning model are not eligible to receive free meal pick-up; these students will be served their meals at the school at no cost.

Please email Marianne Thole, Food Service Director, with any questions. And, please stop by to pick up your child(ren)’s meals. We’re expecting you!

Health Resources

To make our return to school successful, healthy and sustainable we all need to report our symptoms and COVID test results to the attendance line even though we are currently still in distance learning.


If your student has had a positive COVID test while in distance learning, please send an email to nurse@stcroixprep.org so we can add them to the 90 Day list. When sending their name please include their grade and the date of their positive COVID test. This list will allow us to adjust quarantine as appropriate if they are identified as a close contact. We appreciate your help in this.

Revised Covid-19 Quarantine/Isolation Guidelines

MDH has adopted the revised quarantine guidelines of the CDC, but maintains that the 14 day quarantine is still the safest option. In situations for close contacts, families may consider a shorter quarantine but the family will be responsible to complete the Shortened Quarantine Request form and submit it along with any required documentation to the Health Office PRIOR to actually returning to school. The Health Office will notify families of approval for shortened quarantine once the form and any documentation have been reviewed. Updated guidelines will be applied to staff quarantines as well.

Please contact Candace Westlund with any questions.

Updated MDH Information:

Families Planning to Travel

The State of Minnesota currently recommends that anyone who travels out of the state for other than job or medical reasons self-quarantine upon their return home for 14 days. Prep is also encouraging families who travel out-of-state to self-quarantine for 14 days upon their return.

90 Day Guidelines

Per MDH guidelines, individuals who have had a lab confirmed case of COVID-19 who are identified as a close contact do not have to quarantine. If these individuals have symptoms associated with COVID-19 at anytime they would need to isolate and a COVID test is recommended.

Vaccine Information

New Video: A Parent’s Guide to Vaping

HCPH has released a new video for parents/guardians about preventing youth vaping. The video, companion guide, and discussion questions are free to share on websites and in school newsletters. Youth have not stopped vaping during COVID-19 and distance learning, so it is more important than ever to help parents/guardians understand the dangers and how to talk to their child(ren) about vaping.

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Group Sessions Starting in February

Our YSB counselor, Kay Schwabach, would like to reach more students and give them the opportunity to learn from each other. The groups are highlighted below with the general description and the day/time the group plans to meet (it could change based on student schedules and the counselor’s schedule).

To request to be in the group please complete the Family Confidential Mental Health Referral form and return it to the student’s division principal and the school nurse.

  • Lower School
    Due to the transition to in-person learning, the day/time of this group is yet to be determined but you can still complete the form to show your interest.

  • Middle School
    Social support group: how to handle anxiety, motivation, and focus whether online or in-person.  Mondays or Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 pm

  • Upper School
    Social support group: focus determined in collaboration with the counselor.  Monday or Wednesday from 1:30-2:30 pm

Athletics and Activities

Watch the Boys and Girls Basketball Games Online

Sign up with NFHS to stream the boys and girls basketball games all season long!


Flight Plan Updates

Missed an Update?

We will be collecting all of the updates since the July 31 in the "Updates" page of our Flight Plan.

How We Prep

Schools today focus on giving children an education to help them get a job or gain acceptance to a college. We’re not this kind of school – our purpose far exceeds this.

We don’t just prepare students for a job or college, we prepare young people for life.

We partner with parents who are invested in their child’s future, and are committed to their children not just surviving in life, but thriving in life.

We combine a classical education with our culture of character to help children not just reach their career or educational goals, but to reach their life goals.

St. Croix Prep. Prep For Life.

K-12 Environment

One place to call home.

One building, managed by one administrative team, allows for a tightly integrated curriculum scripted with intentional scope and sequence beginning in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

You Won't Get Lost

You Are Familiar.

With a small enrollment, all students will receive personalized attention, permitting a low student/teacher ratio and membership in a mutually supportive community of learners.

Classical Education

Time Tested.

St. Croix Preparatory Academy was founded on a classical model of education, grounded in the time-tested methodology of the Trivium. Our model focuses on providing students with the lifelong educational tools to learn and think for themselves.


Preparing For Life.

St. Croix Preparatory Academy purposefully sets high expectations for all students, staff, and parents. The school places more emphasis on character development, respect, self-organization, responsibility, self-discipline and leadership than a traditional public school.

Paideia Seminars

Thinking Put Into Practice.

The Paideia Seminar is a formal discussion in which the leader asks open-ended questions. Within the context of the discussion, students listen closely to the comments of others, think critically for themselves, and articulate their own thoughts and their responses to the thoughts of others.

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