Athletics & Activities


St. Croix Preparatory Academy is working to offer a comprehensive interscholastic activities program designed to meet the interests of the students. This program is an opportunity and a privilege afforded to students at St Croix Prep.
A function of the activities program is to advance the character and leadership of our students and promote lifelong personal growth and development. Student participation in activities can encourage individual development by providing opportunities for leadership, sportsmanship, fellowship, teamwork, commitment to goal achievement, character building, communication skills, and school pride.
Through their involvement in the activities program, students are expected to improve their decision making processes, develop self-discipline and self-esteem, respect individual differences, and provide a healthy attitude toward addressing challenges.
Opportunities for participation are offered on a seasonal basis, additional activities may become available throughout the school year. Many groups/teams are open to all students; others have try-outs or special requirements.
The activities program will provide a well-rounded, professionally directed and supervised program at all levels. The program shall operate primarily for the benefit of the students who participate directly or vicariously in these activities, although the importance of public fan and spectator support is also recognized and appreciated.
Participation in activities is a privilege for those students who meet the standards of eligibility adopted by the school district, conference and state associations.

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