Boys Basketball

Coaching Staff

Keven Seim

Head Coach

Activities Director

Patrick Kerrigan

JV Coach

Alec Brandt

Freshmen Coach

Chad Prater

Assistant Coach

Program Description

5th / 6th / 7th Grade

The St. Croix Prep Basketball program hopes to offer 5th, 6th, and 7th grade traveling basketball teams annually. This will largely be determined by the number of participants interested in basketball at these grade levels. Tryouts will determine who makes each team and rosters will be typically limited to 8-10 participants per team. The High School coaching staff will conduct the tryouts and determine who makes each grade level team. Participants should expect to practice 2-3 times per week and play in 8-10 weekend tournaments throughout the season. Coaches will attempt to play all players in every game; however, playing time may not always be perfectly equal for players on these teams.

Freshmen Team

The Freshmen Basketball Team will be used as a developmental team for freshmen, and higher skilled eighth graders and potentially seventh graders, that show the ability to contribute on the Junior Varsity and/or Varsity Team as a Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior. Most seasons there will be around 12 players kept on the Freshmen Team. Playing time is not equal for players on the Freshmen Team. Some players will be asked to stay on the team with the understanding that they are for the most part going to be “practice players”. These players will still be able to dress and possibly get in games but understand there’s a possibility they may not. Even though the “practice players” may not be getting into games, we feel they will be getting the opportunity to improve on their skills everyday in practice that hopefully puts them in a better position to make the JV team the following year. We feel it is extremely difficult to hold quality practices only keeping 10 players when we know we will encounter sickness and injuries throughout the season. A three-day tryout process will determine the Freshmen Team roster. Face-to-face meetings will be used to make cuts.

Junior Varsity

We believe the Junior Varsity team is used to develop players for future Varsity teams. For that reason, the JV team will be made up of mostly juniors, sophomores. Occasionally freshmen and possibly 8th graders will be on the JV team if we feel they can play at that level. For juniors to play on the JV, they must show the coaches that they can play Varsity Basketball, if needed in the current season, or as a senior. We want them to improve their skills and learn our Basketball philosophies. Seniors that are not getting Varsity minutes may be given the option of playing JV. Playing time is not equal for players on the JV Basketball Team. A three-day tryout process will determine the Varsity/JV roster. Face-to-face meetings will be used to make cuts.


The player limit set by the Minnesota State High School League for Varsity Basketball is eighteen (18) players. This includes JV players. However, we will not always carry 18 players on the team. Most seasons there will be 15 – 18 players kept on JV/Varsity. These will be the players that we believe can play Varsity immediately, regardless of their grade in school. No players are guaranteed a spot on the team because they are seniors or because they played on one of our teams the previous season or on one of our teams over the summer. Also, it is not guaranteed that you will stay on Varsity all season. Players will be moved down to JV and others brought up if the coaches feel it is the right move to better develop the individual and our team. Playing time is not equal for players on the Varsity Basketball Team. A three-day tryout process will determine the Varsity roster. Face-to-face meetings will be used to make cuts.

Player Expectations

  • Croix Prep student athletes need to develop self-discipline on and off the court. If you can’t decide on your own – Ask a parent or coach.
  • Anything detrimental to you is detrimental to the team.
  • Always notify a coach in advance if you cannot attend a Practice/Game.
  • You should know the importance of a properly trained athlete.
  • Understand the State High School League Rules. They will be strictly adhered to.
  • Follow the Lion Core Values

Academic Expectations

  • Grades will be monitored bi-weekly during the season by a coach to ensure athletes are maintaining a quality GPA.
  • If at grade check time any player is carrying an F or a GPA below 1.7 that player will be suspended from games until the F is removed from their record, or their GPA is above a 2.0
  • Athletes should manage and take ownership of their grades when not participating in basketball.
  • All athletes are expected to attend class on a regular basis. If absent, the athlete is expected to provide a note with parent signature to the coach within one day of the absence.
  • Follow the classroom policies set by the teacher.

Lettering Requirements

  • Attend practice daily with a team attitude.
  • Successful completion of the season.
  • Accumulate 25 points of varsity play.
  • Play in One Half of Varsity Game = One Point Varsity Play / Two Half’s = 2 pts.
  • (Two halves of a J.V. win = One Point of Varsity Play / One Half = .5 pts)
  • (Varsity MCAA Title = Three Points of Varsity Play)
  • (Section & State Game Win = One Point of Varsity Play)
  • Managers: 2 years: One must be at the varsity level


  • MSHSL Violation during the season forfeits your letter.
  • MSHSL Violation anytime during your high school career forfeits your captainship.
  • MSHSL violation during the season forfeits your opportunity to apply for or receive end of the year awards. (Players are still eligible for statistical awards.)


Basketball at the high school level is competitive, educational and meant to be enjoyed. Behavior that does not reflect this understanding is unacceptable. All coaches, players, parents, and fans are reminded to keep things in perspective while honoring the game of basketball and the dignity of all persons involved in the playing of the game at all times.

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