Coaching Staff

Eddie Crupper

Head Coach

Charles Simmons

Head Coach JV

Joey Korba

Assistant Varsity Coach

Elliot Warden

Junior Varsity Coach

Program Description

Junior Varsity

Junior Varsity Team is made up of mostly Juniors, Sophomore, Freshman and 8th graders. Athletes are placed on the JV team to develop for the future. Although we would like to win every game to have a sense of accomplishment, it is more important that we become better players both individually and as a team. At this level winning is not the most important thing. Player development is! Coaches build on:


The player limit set by the Minnesota High School League for Varsity Baseball is set at (18) players. However, we will not always carry 18 players on the Varsity team. Most seasons we will carry 14-15 players These will be the players that we believe can play at the varsity level immediately, regardless of their grade level in school. No players are guaranteed a spot on the team because they are seniors or because they played on one of the teams last season. Players will be moved up and down between JV/Varsity as needed by the coaching staff. Playing time is not qual or even guaranteed at the Varsity level. A Three-day tryout process will determine the Varsity Roster. Face-to-Face meetings will be used to make cuts.

Player Expectations

Academic Expectations

Lettering Requirements



As members of the Prep Baseball program, students, coaches and parents are expected to demonstrate proper respect for each other, opponents, opposing coaches, teachers, umpires, spectators and community. Players and coaches are expected to exhibit the highest level of conduct, both on and off the diamond, as they are always a representative of their team,school and community.

The 4 Cornerstones of Prep Baseball

We are…teammates

Prep Baseball strives to create an atmosphere where we give our energy to the people around us, and in turn, everyone can become better in the process.

Player/Coach Standards :

  • Make an effort to recognize your teammates’ accomplishments and struggles.
  • Communicate in a way that empowers your teammate to make positive change.
  • Compete with teammates in the spirit of striving for excellence and not as a zero sum game.
  • Deflect the spotlight of praise by recognizing those who helped you on your journey.

Parent Standards :

  • Recognize the efforts of other players in a way that you would like others to recognize your player.
  • Keep in mind the goals and dreams of your player’s teammates when discussing the goals and dreams of your player with coaches or other parents.
  • Make an effort to create a community of parents by being inclusive and welcoming.

A lot of little things … make a big thing.

Prep Baseball puts focal energy into the details that make things happen both on and off the field.

Player/Coach Standards :

  • Leave the practice and game environment at least as usable and presentable as your found it. If unpresentable, leave it presentable.
  • Make an effort to master the baserunning, positioning, specialty plays, bunting, holding runners, backing up bases, inning prep, and game prep details.
  • Respect every rep in practice.
  • Make every effort to be on time to and during practices and games.

Player/Coach Standards :

  • Provide places to decompose games that are judgement free.
  • Present a welcoming atmosphere for umpires and opposing teams.

We will be judged by our actions … they speak louder than words.

Prep Baseball knows that there is more to having standards than reading them. We must communicate our love and passion through doing much more than through narrative.

Player/Coach Standards :

  • Hustle on the field as a way to communicate passion and appreciation for the game.
  • Be the change you want to see in practice and on the field. Lead by example.
  • Plan and execute acts of appreciation for those who help make this experience possible.
  • Reflect the honor of the team in your actions at school.

Parent Standards :

  • Consider participating in at least one booster activity either in planning or execution.
  • Make an effort to acknowledge the accomplishments or inspiration provided by another player/parent.

Walk softly … but carry a big stick.

Prep Baseball will strive to be a clearly excellent baseball program. In the process, we will not draw attention to ourselves nor attempt to lower others in this pursuit.

Player/Coach Standards :

  • Keep all baseball chatter focused on the next play/ pitch/situation with regards to our own team’s energy and focus.
  • Social media posts about teammates reflect better than ones about one’s self. This is true about most forms of bragging.
  • Avoid using athlete status for special treatment. Recognize the efforts of classmates outside of athletics.
  • Value practice time as place to push to failure and to improve every day.

Parent Standards :

  • Support your player’s goals by helping him pursue relevant off-season development.

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