Coaching Staff

John Slate

Archery - Head Coach

Tim Warmka

Archery - LEad Coach

Joe Brummer

Archery - Assistant Coach


Archery came to be out of basic human need for survival. Today it could be said that the idea is much the same. The sport of Archery is like a game of survival. You are in control of your own successes and failures on and off the range. Only by commitment, determination and the willingness to push yourself beyond your limits will you find true success.

Our motto is simple, but complex at the same time:

"One bow, One arrow, One shot"

When you pick up a bow and nock an arrow the only thing that matters is what you’re about to do next. You can’t do anything about the previous arrow you shot, except learn from it and apply what you have learned to your next shot. The same principle is applied on and off the range. Learn from your mistakes! Always keep looking ahead and improve yourselves along the way. You will soon realize that the sport of archery can lead to abilities within yourself you never thought possible.