Food Service

All Students Eat for Free This Fall!

Free meals are available to all children in the school district (ages 1-18) through December 31, 2020 or earlier if federal funding runs out. This is an extension of the summer meals program that provided meals to families throughout distance learning last spring.
  • Free meals will only be provided for scheduled school days. Meals will not be provided on holidays or scheduled days off.
  • Even though meals are free for the first few months of school, families still need to fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch Application form. Click here for the form. This ensures families will have help paying for meals after December 31, and also helps cover costs for other school-related activities. Families MUST fill out a new application for benefits by October 12 or benefits will expire.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be available at no cost to students when they are in school on an in-person or hybrid learning day.
  • 100% distance learners will receive meals for all scheduled school days.
  • A week’s supply of both breakfasts and lunches will be available for pickup on Fridays (unless otherwise noted for holidays, etc.) from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm at the back cafeteria door (DOOR 5).
  • Breakfast is served every morning when school is in session from 9:15-9:25 in the cafeteria. Students can enter through the front cafeteria/YCare door (DOOR 2).

Educational Benefits

Please contact the office if there is a need to fill out an Educational Benefits form. This confidential form may be filled out at any time during the year.

Wellness Policy

"Offer" vs "Serve"

As a National School Lunch and Breakfast participant, SCPA must either chose to ‘offer’ students various menu items or ‘serve’ them all menu items regardless of personal preference. SCPA has chosen the ‘offer’ option instead of the ‘serve’ option because the school believes the ‘offer’ option reduces food waste.

Requirements of “serve” option are as follows:

A student is allowed to choose 3-5 of the day’s USDA food-group offerings. Offerings include items from the various food groups: grains, dairy, fruit, vegetables and proteins. (A student may decline no more than 2). Meals are priced as a unit whether the student selects 3, 4 or 5 menu items. A student must take 1⁄2 cup of fruits and vegetables to qualify as a reimbursable lunch.


SCPA follows The National School Breakfast and Lunch Program which enacted guidelines for food available in schools. The guidelines restrict caloric, sodium, fat and sugar content in items available during the school day. Included are our a la carte and vending machine options. For more information, please visit:

Smart Snacks

‘Smart Snacks Standards’ are a Federal requirement for all foods sold outside the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program.  These standards were developed to promote student wellness.  More than a quarter of kids’ daily calories may come from snacks.  Kids who have healthy eating patterns are more likely to perform better academically.  Kids consume more healthy foods and beverages during the school day. When they are Smart Snacks, the healthy choice is the easy choice.   

Click the following for additional Smart Snack information and resources:


Marianne Thole

Food Service Director


Marianne Thole

Food Service Director