Parking Permit


Student parking permits typically sell out in September of each year. If you anticipate needing a parking permit mid-year students should apply at the start of the school year. Additional permits will not be issued for students who get their drivers license later in the year.

Please Note:

St. Croix Prep is fortunate to have the ability to offer student parking that is safe, well lit and monitored. However, this comes at a cost to the school. In 2017 St. Croix Prep made the decision to enlarge the north parking lot in order to accommodate student parking. The fees of $250 collected from the annual student parking fee are used to partially cover the cost to monitor, improve and maintain the north lot. Much like your own home, both annual maintenance (snow plowing, resealing the asphalt, repairing cracks, replacing light bulbs, restriping lines, etc.) and larger projects (replacing lot lights with LEDs for safety, security camera installation, installation of charging station for electric cars, grading for drainage, repaving asphalt when needed) are required.

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