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Postponed Until Further Notice

Updated March 18, 2020


In the face of this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, as expected, the Prep Gala is canceled on April 4th.  In a safe and thoughtful way, we continue to seek support for arts and athletics at St. Croix Prep.  Although we don’t know the details of a future event yet, we will work diligently on an alternative event or time, and we will update you when appropriate.  We are hopeful for your continued commitment as we navigate the upcoming days, weeks and months. 

Thank you for choosing to support St. Croix Prep and to attend the Gala. We are happy to honor your tickets for the future Prep Gala.

Options for Ticket Holders

  • You may request to DONATE the value of your ticket be donated as a gift to St. Croix Prep’s arts and athletics programs.
  • You may request to APPLY the value of your ticket be transferred to future St. Croix Prep Gala tickets.
  • You may request a REFUND in the amount of your tickets.
  • You may request to DONATE & REFUND a portion of your tickets

Online Form....

We encourage you to complete any of these options online.

....or Contact:

Susan Peterson

District Executive Assistant

We are thinking of you as you navigate the necessary but challenging changes in your home and the Prep community.

2020 Prep Gala Committee

Together We Stand


Join with us in building new bleachers for Prep Stadium!

Why Give?

How does funding work?

SCPA is a public charter school and therefore receives state funding. Funding is received via “per pupil funding” which is determined by the state legislature.

Per pupil funding’ follows every MN student (pupil) to the public school he/she attends. Both traditional public school districts and public charter schools receive the same per pupil funding’ rate.

School Levies?

Unlike traditional public schools,  charter schools do not receive any funds from local voter approved levies, which, for St. Croix Prep, equates to approximately 20% (or $1.5 million) less funding per year than the neighboring traditional district. Therefore; in order to enhance our programming, our facility, and to offer a competitive compensation plan to our outstanding teachers, we must raise funds (fundraisers, capital campaigns, grants) to close this funding gap.

Closing the Gap

Building a Culture of Giving.

Since 2008, through our three annual events and three capital campaigns, the St. Croix Prep community has raised $1.6 million dollars.

Your Generosity Bought...

These gifts enhance our students’ classroom and extra-curricular experiences. Funds raised to-date have funded the purchase of:

  • student computers
  • classroom projectors
  • classroom built-in cabinetry
  • miscellaneous classroom enhancements
  • band and orchestra instruments
  • equipment and uniforms for athletics programs
  • seating, lights, curtains and a grand piano for the performing arts space

Emergency Child Care Form

St. Croix Prep is offering Emergency Child Care at no cost to families who qualify.

Emergency Meal Service Form

St. Croix Prep is offering Emergency Meal Service at no cost to families who qualify.

Emergency Technology Form

St. Croix Prep is offering Emergency Technology (chromebooks/home broadband) at no cost to families who qualify.