Enroll in SCRIP


Use this enrollment code when signing up for your free SCRIP account.  Then, when you shop for cards, a percentage of your purchase will automatically go to St. Croix Prep.


By using Scrip, you can earn money for SCPA without spending any additional money. You can shop online or pick up physical cards.

How to Pay for SCRIP Cards

You will have the option to select your payment type each time you order.  Your Scrip coordinator is notified of your payment and your gift cards will be delivered when your order is released by your coordinator.  Contact your SCRIP coordinator for exact delivery details.


Pay for your order via cash, check, or credit/debit card in the main office. Orders will be placed when payment is received.


Pay directly online via the Raise Right (SCRIP) website when placing your order.

SCRIP Cards in the Main Office

Can’t wait for your cards?  The following cards are available for purchase in the Main Office:

What Are They?

Scrip is a term for “substitute money”.  When you purchase Scrip, you’re purchasing gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash.  Use Scrip to purchase everyday items such as food, clothing, gas and other essentials, and earn revenue for St. Croix Prep.

How Do They Work?

The Great Lakes Scrip Center acts on behalf of churches, schools and other nonprofit organizations to purchase large amounts of Scrip from grocery stores, department stores and other retailers.  Because Scrip is purchased with cash up front, participating retailers offer substantial discounts.  When your family orders Scrip cards at face value, our school buys the cards at a reduced cost, and the published discounts – from 2% to 15% and more – are the school’s revenues to keep.

For Example....

Buy a Cub Foods Card


St. Croix Prep gets 4%


Buy a Chipotle Card


St. Croix Prep gets 10%


Buy a Subway Card


St. Croix Prep gets 6%


Put Money Towards Educational Travel

SCPA encourages all students to participate in educational travel, however we realize the cost of travel may seem high to some families.  To help with the cost, half of the rebates earned when purchasing Scrip cards will be applied to a students educational travel account.

For example....


Buy a $100 Gift Card for Cub Food


The school gets 10% of that amount


Half of that money goes into your families Educational Travel Account.


Half of that money goes immediately to the school.

If you don't use your SCRIP Education Travel Money...


If you don’t use the money in your Educational Travel Account….


….that money will go back to the school.

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