Refresh yourself and donate to St. Croix Prep in Two Easy Steps:

Find Give Codes

Bottles have a code under the cap.

12-packs of 12-oz. cans have a code under the flap

24-packs (of 12-oz. cans) have a code under the flap.

32-packs have a code under the wrap.

Please note:

This is not a Give Code.

This is a Give Code.

Bring in Give Codes

Give Codes can be dropped off in the bins located at the bottom of the Atrium Stairs


Bring in Give Codes to the classroom and the teacher will collect.

Fall 2020 School Opening


  • Distance Learning Model. This is how school operated from March 30 to May 31 with instruction being done while students remain at home.
  • Back to School as Normal. This would be bringing everyone back to school in full attendance.
  • A Hybrid Model. This is a model that is in between the two previously listed, where some students attend one day, others attend another, etc.

Please note:  Per MDE, given local pandemic circumstances, it is possible that schools could use all three models throughout the year.


  • The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) will make the decision during the week of July 27.
  • All MN public schools will be required to adhere to this decision.


  • Current guidance from MDE is that masks will not be required, but their usage is strongly recommended.
  • We will let families make their choice based on this recommendation.

Please note: This guidance from MDE is subject to change.