Account Balance

How to Deposit Funds


SchoolPay is the school’s electronic payment system that allows a parent to electronically pay for school fees (e.g. lunch, field trips, and participation fees).


Deposit may also be made via cash or check and delivered to the school business office, either directly or via the student’s classroom teacher. Cash or check deposits will be posted to the students account within 24 hours of the business office’s receipt of the funds.

Negative Balances


All students will be served a reimbursable breakfast or lunch regardless of fund availability. Negative balances that are incurred are the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian, and are expected to be paid in full by the end of the school year.


Verbal notices are given to Middle and Upper school students. Emails are sent weekly to families with negative balances.


Students are not allowed to purchase a la carte if the purchase causes a negative balance in their meal account.

Block Student Purchases

Student accounts can be blocked from purchasing any combination of:

To block student purchases, please contact the Food Service Office.

Educational Benefits

Educational Benefits

Please contact the office if there is a need to fill out an Educational Benefits form. This confidential form may be filled out at any time during the year.

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