Girls Soccer

Coaching Staff

Anna Tiffany

Varsity Coach

Anna Tiffany

Girls Soccer Coach

Program Description

The Lions Girls Soccer team competes during the fall season with practices starting in mid-August and concluding mid-October. Soccer camps run two weeks during the summer. There are currently two team levels Varsity and JV/B-squad. With our growing numbers we anticipate having a set seventh and eighth grade team. The girls soccer program is committed to developing all players’ athletic potential, personal character, and leadership qualities through an accountable and competitive athletic environment.

Player Expectations

  • Players are expected to be on time and prepared with proper equipment.
  • As a Prep girls soccer player you are committing yourself to your team for the season to all practices and games scheduled.
  • Open communication with coaches on missing games or practices as soon as possible.
  • Participate with a positive team attitude.
  • Abide by the St. Croix Prep athlete code of conduct.
  • Proudly represent St. Croix Prep both on and off the court, in the community, and online.

Academic Expectations

  • Academics come first at St. Croix Prep, it falls upon the responsibility of the student athlete to maintain in good standing in all classes.
  • Student must communicate with coaches in regarding to academic conflicts may occur during the season.
  • Student/athletes are required to communicate with teachers when leaving early, this must happen in the morning prior to the start of school at lunch or during during advisory.
  • It is the student athlete’s responsibility to gather the information or assignments they are missing, teachers are not to track you down.
  • If at grade check time any 9th-12th grader is carrying an F or a GPA below 1.7 that player will be suspended from games until the F is removed from their record, or their GPA is above a 2.0.
  • If at grade check time any 7th-8th grader is carrying a D, F, or a GPA below 1.7 that player will be suspended from games until the D and/or F is removed from their record, or their GPA is above a 2.0.

Lettering Requirements

Varsity players must play in at least one half of a varsity match for the majority of the soccer season with completion of the season. Managers must be present at all varsity contests unless communicated with coaches.


  • Regarding game day transportation players are expected to ride the bus to and from away games. In the case they need to ride with their parent. Parents must send an e-mail to Mr. Dippel & the corresponding coach by noon of the game day. Players are only able to take rides from their parent or legal guardian.


Soccer at the high school level is competitive, educational and meant to be enjoyed. Behavior that does not reflect this understanding is unacceptable. All coaches, players, parents and fans are reminded to keep things in perspective while honoring the game of soccer.

Fall 2020 School Opening


  • Distance Learning Model. This is how school operated from March 30 to May 31 with instruction being done while students remain at home.
  • Back to School as Normal. This would be bringing everyone back to school in full attendance.
  • A Hybrid Model. This is a model that is in between the two previously listed, where some students attend one day, others attend another, etc.

Please note:  Per MDE, given local pandemic circumstances, it is possible that schools could use all three models throughout the year.


  • The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) will make the decision during the week of July 27.
  • All MN public schools will be required to adhere to this decision.


  • Current guidance from MDE is that masks will not be required, but their usage is strongly recommended.
  • We will let families make their choice based on this recommendation.

Please note: This guidance from MDE is subject to change.