Girls Basketball

Coaching Staff

John Simso

Girls Basketball Head Coach

Chris Jensen

Girls Basketball - Varsity Assistant & JV Head Coach

Alex Gannaway

Girls Basketball - Assistant Coach

Program Description

Junior Varsity

This will be a developmental team for potentially future Varsity players. This team could consist of players from grades 7-11 that show the ability to play at the JV level. We want them to improve their skills and learn our Basketball Philosophies. Playing time is not equal for players on the JV Basketball Team. The JV roster can also be fluid throughout the season. It’s important for players to play at the appropriate level that fosters success and builds their confidence.


Our entire program is built on the foundation of having a growth mindset. Along with that we emphasize skill development and playing FOR each other. The Varsity Team will consist of players that we believe have the ability to play and succeed at the varsity level regardless of their grade in school. No players are guaranteed a spot on the team because they are seniors or because they played on one of our teams last season. Playing time is not equal for players on the Varsity Basketball Team. A three-day tryout process will determine the Varsity/JV roster. Face-to-face meetings will be used to make cuts if necessary. Player rosters can be fluid with the end goal being to do what is best for the individual and the overall program.

Academic Expectations

Classroom success is just as important as on court success. It will be an expectation that players are students first and athletes second. I will support players and hold them accountable when it comes to their academics.

  • Grade checks will be made every week throughout the season
  •  If a player is receiving a failing grade, or a “D” (middle school students) they will not be allowed to play in games until that grade is brought back up.
  • All SCPA and MSHSL academic eligibility requirements will be enforced.

Player Expectations

It’s an honor and privilege to represent Prep Basketball. Strong efforts must be made at all times to act accordingly at practice, games, in school and especially while out in the community.

  • Players will respect their coaches, teammates, and themselves both on and off the court.
  • Be on time for practice, bus, etc…
  • Use appropriate language at all times (No swearing)

Lettering Requirements

Players will earn a varsity letter if they play in 75% of varsity halves. If a player is injured, it is based upon how many games the player is healthy for. The coaching staff has the discretion and the right to award or not award varsity letters based upon special circumstances. Manager will earn a varsity letter is they attend 75% of games and practices. As with the players, the coaching staff has the discretion and the right to award or not award varsity letters based upon special circumstances.

Playing Time

This year we have young teams that are still learning the game and developing skills. My goal is to get all players as much minutes as possible. However, this does not necessarily mean there will be equal playing time. I have a unique opportunity to balance player development, yet keeping our team competitive. If practices or games are missed, the coaches can reduce playing time based on his or her discretion.


  • MSHSL Violation during the season forfeits your letter.
  • MSHSL Violation anytime during your high school career forfeits your captainship.
  • MSHSL violation during the season forfeits your opportunity to apply for or receive end of the year awards. (Players are still eligible for statistical awards.)


Basketball at the high school level is competitive, educational and meant to be enjoyed. Behavior that does not reflect this understanding is unacceptable. All coaches, players, parents, and fans are reminded to keep things in perspective while honoring the game of basketball and the dignity of all persons involved in the playing of the game at all times.

Social Media

If a student-athletes online profile(s) and/or comments exhibit bullying and/or inappropriate content, the student-athlete will be subject to discipline. Consequences will be handled by the athletic director(s) and/or school personnel based on existing school policy. Please refer to the SCPA family handbook and Anti-bullying policy for more information. Examples of possible athletic consequences:
  • Removal from practice
  • Suspension from 1 or more games
  • Removal from the team/program


Players are encouraged to ride the bus home from away games. If you as a parent are wanting to bring your daughter home, you MUST email Keven Seim at or 651-395-5904 by 12:00PM the day of the game. If you do not contact us by that time, we will not be allowed to let you drive your daughter home. Only the parent or guardian is allowed to drive their daughter home. They are not allowed to ride with a friend or friends parent.