Documentation of a concussion must be made by a healthcare provider and the documentation needs to be submitted directly to the Health Office by the parent or via fax (651-395-5901 ATTN: Health Office) from the healthcare provider.

Accommodations cannot be made without documentation from the healthcare provider.

It is the general policy of SCPA that students will return to academics without accommodations prior to returning to athletics. Exceptions are granted when benefit of physical activity is documented and monitored by a concussion specialist.

Documentation Needed

A return to academics and/or return to play plan from the healthcare provider OR documentation of clearance will be needed.

For example, if healthcare provider writes “No PE or recess” and does not include steps to return to PE/recess then a separate note indicating student can return to PE and recess will be needed.

Healthcare providers may use the ACE Form or their own clinic form to document a concussion diagnosis and recommend accommodations for school/athletics.​


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