College Expectations

St. Croix Preparatory Academy Upper School offers a college preparatory curriculum. Many students begin taking Advanced Placement (AP) tests in their sophomore year. In selecting classes, and in preparing for your high school career, it is important to keep in mind the expectations of the colleges/universities under consideration for your college application.

Click here for a summary of general expectations of highly selective, selective, and traditional colleges and universities:

Curriculum Guide


For a copy of the 2019-2020 Curriculum Guide:

Weighted Grade Information

College Prep Math

For on-line resouces which include homework problems, skill building exercises, and resource guides, please visit College Prep Math at:

Services Hours for Graduation

As an emphasis upon Character, all students are required to perform 50 hours of service (10 hours in grades 9-11 and 20 hours in grade 12) in order to fulfill their graduation requirements.

Catch Up Math

St. Croix Prep students have access to a math review website

The program finds each student’s learning gaps through a pre-test. This pre-test determines the lessons and problems for the students to complete. When the student has completed the assigned work, a test determines the future concepts to be mastered. Click here for additional “how to” information: